4-year college bound juniors: How to Plan Ahead

What can members of the Class of 2022 and beyond expect? Tips to prepare you for this school year (2020-2021)

  • You should not try to sit for the ACT or SAT in the fall 2020, since seniors will be struggling to find test sites and dates.

  • You should not spend inordinate time preparing for college admissions tests, since the trend is AWAY from requiring them, even after COVID-19.

  • Spend more time on writing and pursuing topics that interest you and find opportunities to demonstrate your leadership and other talents. Those things, along with your grades, will be more important going forward.

  • If you are a good test taker, it is worth spending time preparing for the PSAT (practice SAT exam). RHS offers it in October, but this test may be postponed until the Winter. This test is ideally for 11th and 10th graders.

  • Continue to earn good grades and take challenging courses (College Prep, Honors and AP)

  • If permissible, start or continue to build your activities and leadership skills and areas of interest, as colleges look at your extracurricular activities.

Excerpt from: https://www.palousepathways.org/blog/testingcovid?fbclid=IwAR1MtR-Tte_JOY8Jj7DElRHKj6p00gbZpiryfewWEDUuKQdJIQBFDUJ12fc&cm_ven=ExactTarget&cm_cat=Greenlight+July+Counselor+Newsletter&cm_pla=VPL+506+for+List+24&cm_ite=https%3a%2f%2fwww.palousepathways.org%2fblog%2ftestingcovid%3ffbclid%3dIwAR1MtR-Tte_JOY8Jj7DElRHKj6p00gbZpiryfewWEDUuKQdJIQBFDUJ12fc&cm_lm=110230015