About us

Tucked away in the Southern Region of Fresno County lies the small town of Riverdale where you will find Riverdale High School.  When visiting the high school, one will find it and the community surrounded by acres of farmland.  The community, raised on a sense of hard work and traditional values, are proud and supportive of Riverdale Joint Unified School District and its commitment to provide a quality and competitive education for their children.  Through various athletic and academic functions, guests comment  on the well kept and beautiful school grounds and facilities, the noticeable courtesy of our student body, and the amazing work our staff, both in the classroom and out, provide for their children.  While Riverdale High emulates the small town friendliness, care and compassion for every student who walks the campus; we also take great pride in providing a quality education that prepares each child for the educational challenges of the 21st Century!

Providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum for all students of such a diverse student population continues to be the priority of all Riverdale High School staff.   It is a vested interest of Riverdale High School to identify areas of need and provide interventions and programs in those areas to maximize and support student achievement. “We know our students” is a motto among the faculty at Riverdale High.  The entire staff is a caring group of adults who are truly interested in making personal connections with kids.  This passion for caring for each child is evident in the school’s expectation that EVERY student will be required to think and learn, EVERY student will receive personal care and service, and EVERY student will graduate with choices as their own next step; whether it is college or career in the 21st Century.

Riverdale High School has been recognized with a number of awards and honors because of its commitment to educate EVERY student.