freshman guidance

Freshman Guidance

Each school year, grade level students meet at least once with their Grade Level Assistant Principal to formulate their individual student educational plan to discuss graduation requirements, credit status, postsecondary goals, and college preparation if a student chooses to apply to college their senior year.

Administration also visits all grade level students in early spring semester to help navigate class registration for the following school year.

College & Career Counselor visits grade level classrooms to provide informative presentations. Freshmen receive lessons on college and career exploration during College & Career Week during spring semester.

Freshman Parent Night is offered each year before school begins on the day of registration/orientation in late summer. See below for presentation information.

Freshman Parent Night - July 28, 2021 @ 6:30 PM (RHS Irwin Theatre)

Missed Freshman Parent Night or would like the information? Click the links for the Presentation Slides.

Freshman Parent Night 2021 (final)
Espanol Noches de Padres del Grado 9 2021 (final)

Freshman 4-year College Planning - (August 24, 2021) Information for any 4-year College Bound Freshman

AVID 9 (August 24, 2021)

College Bound Freshman!

The best time to start your college decision making process is during your freshman year of high school. Yes, really! High school goes by so quickly, and you don’t want to save all of your work for when you’re just a few months away from graduating.

During your freshman year you can meet with your counselor to learn about your graduation requirements, you can evaluate how you’re doing academically, you can get involved in different extracurricular activities, and you can sign up for new and exciting things to learn in the summer!

  • Meet with your school counselor and find our your high school’s graduation requirements

  • Perform a Self-evaluation

  • Get Active! Choose a few electives and extracurricular activities to get involved in

  • Volunteer or learn a new hobby during your summer break

-Excerpt from Colleges of Distinction