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WASC Accreditation for Riverdale High School

Parent Square

By downloading and activating Parent Square, you will have access to your student's schedule and direct messaging to their teachers.

1.  Activate your ParentSquare account at www.parentsquare.com/signinUse the email/phone number in our school system and create a password.

2.  Verify your student(s).

3.  Download the Parent Square app in your app store:

4.  For more information to navigate through the ParentSquare app:  https://www.rjusd.org/parentsstudents/parentsquare

Parent Square Login Page
Parent Square Apple App Store Download
Parent Square Android QR Code Download

Parents, are you interested in parent volunteer opportunities? Click the link to view opportunities available for you! 

RJUSD Tech Support: 559-891-4310
Phone Support: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Email: 24/7 - helpdesk@rjusd.org
Click Here for our Technology Department Website

RHS Office Numbers:

RHS Office Phone:  559-867-3562

RHS Fax:  559-867-3401


Stasha Tiller- Principal

Sandra Castro - Assistant Principal 9, 10

David Simpson- Assistant Principal 11, 12

Email: firstname lastname @rjusd.org (no spaces)

2022 AP CSP Female Diversity Award