graduation requirements

high school Diploma requirements

Credit Requirements:

Student MUST COMPLETE A MINIMUM OF 250 PASSING CREDITS to graduate and receive diploma.

Of the 250 credits, students will need to complete:

  • 3 Years (30 credits) of Social Science (World History, U.S. History, and U.S. Government / Economics)

  • 4 Years (40 credits) of English

  • 3 Years (30 credits) of Math

  • 3 Years (30 credits) of Science (Biology/Ag Biology, Chemistry/Ag Soil Chemistry, Physics/Ag Systems Management)

  • 1 Year (10 credits) of Art OR Foreign Language

  • 1 Year (10 credits) of Technology

  • 1 Year (10 credits) of Freshman Requirements (Either Freshman Studies, Freshman Literacy or AVID 9)

  • 2 Years (20 credits) of Physical Education

  • 70 credits of Electives

Post-Secondary Requirement:

Student MUST SUBMIT proof of their post-secondary (after high school plan) in late April of their senior year. Proof of Post-Secondary Plans can be one of the following:

  • Acceptance letter to a 4-year university or college

  • Community College class schedule

  • Enrollment letter from a trade school

  • Enlistment letter from a military branch

  • Employment letter from your employer

  • Three Completed Job Applications

Graduation Requirements and Credits FAQ

How many credits do I need to graduate?

  • 250 credits are needed to earn a RHS high school diploma.

How many credits should I have at the beginning of tenth grade?

  • At least 50

How many credits should I have at the beginning of eleventh grade?

  • At least 110

How many credits should I have at the beginning of twelfth grade?

  • At least 180

What do I do if I am not on-track for graduation (I’m short on credits)?

  • Please talk with your grade level administrator.

Which classes meet the Art/Foreign Language graduation requirement?

  • Courses offered at RHS that meet this requirement can include:

    • Performing Arts Classes

    • Visual Arts Classes

    • Spanish Classes

I need to make up a class. How can I do that?

Classes required for graduation may be made up in the following ways:

    1. Enroll in summer school (when offered)

    2. Retake the class the following semester or year

    3. Take the class through credit recovery program (Cyber High)

Some students who are too far behind in credit may have to enter Horizon for a semester or more depending on the credits needed toward their diploma.