Senior Guidance

Each school year, grade level students meet at least once with their Grade Level Assistant Principal to formulate their individual student educational plan to discuss graduation requirements, credit status, postsecondary goals, and college preparation if a student chooses to apply to college their senior year. 

Administration also meet with grade level students who are deficient in credits to enlist ways to recover credits needed for their diploma.

College & Career Counselor visits grade level classrooms to provide informative presentations. Seniors receive lessons on college and career preparation and the application process, understanding their transcript, reminding them of college admission tests, extensive information about scholarships and financial aid

Senior Guidance Presentations (In Senior Classes)

2023 - 2024 Lessons & Presentations will be posted in Fall 2023

Fall Senior Guidance Lesson on Graduation Requirements, Senior year expenses, postsecondary pathways, and planning ahead (8/25/2023

Senior Parent Night Slides from August 30,2023 

AVID Seniors / Seniors - UC updates Slides

College Bound Senior

You made it to your last year of high school! Congratulations are in order, but don’t relax just yet. It’s important that you finish strong without giving in to senioritis. During your senior year, you can now apply to the colleges you narrowed your choices down to. You can also continue to retake the SAT or ACT. And, of course, make sure you keep in touch with your advisor to ensure you’re on track for graduation.

High school can be the fastest four years of your life, so a clear plan to prepare for college can keep you from rushing through your college search and applications. Good luck!

-Excerpt from Colleges of Distinction

4 Year College Bound 

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