Meet Our Counselors


Welcome to the School Counseling page at Riverdale High School.  Our School Counseling Program consists of two counselors:

If you have a concern for your student and/or are in need of resources, we would love to discuss these concerns/needs with you further.  Students are always welcome to contact us directly with any concerns.  You can also complete the Referral Form attached to this site.  For College and Career information, please find the separate link in the departments menu.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Mina Valdeabella (Mrs. V)

Office (559) 891-4322

Text/Voice (559) 428-3023


Weekly Schedule:

Schedule a 1on1 with Mrs. V

Dina Fukuda

Office (559) 867-3562 ext 1404

Text/Voice (559) 530-0958


Weekly Schedule: