transcripts & Work Permits


Current Students

Unofficial Transcripts: Currently enrolled students may request a digital or paper copy of their transcript by emailing the College & Career Counselor, Assistant Principals, or Registrar.

Official Transcripts: Currently enrolled students should request transcripts in person or by email with the Registrar, or from the College & Career Counselor or Assistant Principals. Official Transcripts are typically printed on paper, stamped and sealed in an envelope.

It is always the responsibility of the student to request transcript(s) if needed for any scholarship or college that is requesting it. 

Former Students and Alumni

To request a transcript, contact the Registrar or Main Office with the following information:

Official Transcripts Fee is required upon receipt of sealed transcript. Fee per transcript can be found by contacting the main office.

Contact: Main Office (559) 891-4400

Work Permits

Work Permits can be requested through the main office during normal business hours and days of the academic school year.

Work Permit requirements: Must be at least 12 years of age, show proof of secured employability, have a 2.0 GPA or higher and no "F" grades.