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California Career Zone—Explore careers using various types of assessments. Click at the top of the page on “Explore.” Then click on the assessments you are interested in from the Quick Assessment, to the Interest Profiler, to the Work Importance Profiler, to the Skills Profiler California Career Zone

Careeronestop—Research colleges and careers. Under the “Explore Careers” click on “What’s Hot” to identify careers with the most growth. Then click on the “fastest growing occupations” to find the career you might be interested in. To research colleges, click “Find Training” then click “College” then “Local Training Finder” to search by job title, school, program, and location Careeronestop

O*NET—Find out about the nation’s primary source of occupational information at this site. Click on the purple “I want to be a” square and do a career search. Click “Find it Now” and browse careers by key words, by industry, and by taking an assessment. Click “Tell us what you like to do” and then click “Start" O*NET

Outlook Handbook—From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, learn everything about the jobs out there—click on Occupation Outlook Handbook under “Career Information.” Look up occupations by group, by alphabet, and by fastest growing careers. Find the mean pay, job descriptions, and job outlook Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Coach-- This site allows you to take a career assessment which will reveal your Holland Code. Then, you can research careers using the sixteen career clusters. Finally, you can look up the junior colleges that offer career training in that field of study.

Salary Surfer -- This site allows students to research the salaries of recent graduates from very specific programs within the Community College system. Students simply select a program of study, and the salaries for two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree will show up.

Big Future—Find colleges, explore careers, and research college costs Big Future The college search tool is especially helpful College Search

MYmajors—You have to create an account to access information for this site. Once you do that, take an assessment to find a list of recommended majors that will fit you best MyMajors

MyOptions - myOptions is the nation’s largest free college and career planning program. We empower students to explore colleges and careers with free technology, advice, planning tools, and encouragement from family and educators, as they discover more about themselves on their journey through high school. Explore the right path for you with myOptions.




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