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what are Scholarships?

Scholarships are monetary awards to help students pay for college. The money is FREE and does not need to be paid back.

Great Scholarship Websites!

Fastweb has one of the largest databases of scholarships. The database is updated every day.

Registration with Fastweb is free and easy. Fill out your profile, and they’ll match you with relevant scholarships. You can filter your search by scholarship amount, deadline, and types of scholarships. The website is so organized that you are sure to find what you’re looking for!

Special Features:

  • Scholarship tips, student loans, job advice, internship opportunities, and financial aid information.

  • Notifications when scholarship deadlines are getting close.

  • Scholarship contests.

  • Student discounts on products like computers.

  • Apps for Android and iOS.

Cappex works with over 3,000 colleges and universities. They host over $11 billion in scholarship money. To access scholarships, you must first create an account. You need to fill in information like your school level, ethnicity, and financial need. Then, you are matched with scholarships that are relevant to you.

Special Features:

  • ‘What are My Chances Tool’ calculates your odds of getting accepted to certain colleges.

  • Cappex ‘College Fit Meter’ shows you whether a college is a good fit for you.

  • ‘Find a Roommate’ feature allows you to find roommates.

  • Colleges can use the ‘Discover Colleges’ feature to find students who are good fits for their school.

  • ‘College Greenlight’ matches first-generation and underrepresented students with scholarship opportunities. is one of the original scholarship websites. It has a huge collection of scholarships. It is also a great place to find colleges that are a good fit for you. The website is updated often and the information is reliable.

To start, create a profile with your personal information. After you become a member, you can choose which kinds of scholarships you are most interested in. You can also decide on the types of scholarships you are not interested in. You can search for scholarships by major, athletics, ethnicity, GPA, and more. Or, you can use their matching feature to get matched with eligible scholarships.

Special Features:

  • The college search tool provides information on colleges. Learn about tuition, enrollment, admission requirements, and more.

  • Information on financial aid, study skills, campus life, and more.

  • Talk with fellow students in the comment section.

  • The wide array of scholarships for students of all ages.

  • Apps for Android and iOS.

If you’ve taken the SAT or ACT, The College Board likely sounds familiar to you. It manages the tests along with other K-12 tests. The College Board is also a reliable resource for scholarship information.

Their scholarship database boasts over 2,200 scholarship programs. It also has an excellent search feature. Create an account so you can search their database. You can filter the scholarships by award type, major, and more.

Special Features:

  • Student search services allow colleges and scholarship programs to find students.

  • Scholarship search fields allow you to highlight your interests.

Niche offers a lot of information on scholarships, colleges, and universities. Best of all, it caters to all ages. Kids as young as kindergarten can find relevant scholarships on Niche.

You don’t need to create an account to browse their scholarship categories. But, if you want personalized results, set up a detailed profile. You can search for scholarships based on major, ethnic identity, location, and much more.

Special Features:

  • No-essay scholarships.

  • Student reviews on colleges.

  • Comprehensive research about colleges and universities.

  • Apps for Android and iOS mobile

Unigo is one of the best scholarship tools, with a database of scholarships worth over $14 billion. Unigo divides scholarships into categories. You can find athletic scholarships, scholarships based on majors, and scholarships for minority students. Unigo also awards many of their own unique scholarships, which range from $1,500-$10,000.

You can search for scholarships without creating an account. But, if you want personalized results and to save scholarships, you’ll want to create a free account.

You can also use Unigo to find jobs, internships, and to get information about colleges.

Special Features:

  • Essay scholarships based on your personality, not on merit.

  • Monthly scholarships which are easy to apply to.

  • College match tool with over 650,000 college reviews.

  • College advice section where you can get help on tests, admissions, and more.

  • Textbook store

Chegg is best known as a textbook website. But, it also boasts a huge scholarship database of over 25,000 scholarships. The website is user-friendly and updated often.

After registering for free, you can look for personalized scholarships. Information like your GPA, zip code and age will help you filter your search. You can organize and save scholarships and fill them out on your own time.

Special Features:

  • Save favorite colleges and scholarships.

  • Reminders when scholarship deadlines are getting close.

  • Buy and rent textbooks.

  • “Top scholarship picks this week” category shows opportunities you may have missed.

  • Homework help, tutoring, test prep.

  • Connect with tutors for help writing your scholarship essays and filling out applications.

  • Get expert advice 24/7.

  • Flashcard search tool, a database of over 500 million online flashcards.

financial aid

Financial Aid Application Cycle:

Applications for high school seniors and college students open EACH YEAR on October 1, and closes EACH YEAR on MARCH 2 FOR CALIFORNIA

Financial Aid Application Requirement in CALIFORNIA:

Starting with the Class of 2023, all California Students in their senior year of high school are required to submit a financial aid application. Students who want to "opt-out" of completing a financial aid form can speak with Mrs. Fukuda.

Applying for Financial Aid - USE THE CORRECT APPLICATION!

  • For US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents, apply online to the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) at

  • For Undocumented/ AB540 / DACA eligible students, apply online to the CADAA (California Dream Act Application) at

  • For any student applying to a private 4-year university or college, some also use the FAFSA/CADAA AND the CSS Profile. For more information, click here for what you need to know about the CSS Profile. To access the CSS Profile, visit College Board.

what is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money to help students pay for college. Some of the money is gift aid, which means it is FREE, and comes in the form of scholarships or grants. Some financial aid is borrowed aid, which means you BORROW the money like a LOAN and must pay it back after you graduate from college. Another financial aid form is work study, which means you WORK part-time on-campus, and the money earned can be used to pay for college expenses.

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