Library Services


Library Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Mike Nemeth - 559-891-4413


Textbook return: Please drop off any leftover textbooks at the RHS library. Unreturned books show up as a bill on a student's Aeries account, resulting in a loss of privileges. There is no fee for late books.

Students Read Program: Leadership students read for younger students (more below)

Bear Cant Sleep - Adam Salas.webm
Adam Salas reads "Bear Can't Sleep"
Adventures Dish and Spoon - Troie Braden.webm
Troie Braden reads "The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon"
Click Clack Moo - Abdul Hussein.webm
Abdul Hussein reads "Click Clack Moo"
Dear Girl - Elena Padilla.webm
Elena Padilla reads "Dear Girl"

Welcome to the Library on Schoology

The Covid crisis and remote learning have changed the day-to-day process of education at Riverdale High, but students have a vast array of services and resources available to them at the library. Accessing available fiction and nonfiction titles can be done via computer via Destiny. Textbook help is just an email away. New titles arrive monthly at the library and are featured on the library's group page in Schoology. To join the group, just use the access code 8MPP-59SC-4M6CQ once you are signed into the program. The site has a vast trove of information and access to other library sites on its Resources page. One feature is a list of new books weekly.

RHS Book club

Read books, learn stuff about authors and meet people who like to read more than just a menu. The book club has a group page on Schoology and can be joined with the access code J5BD-5NCR-6P2HF.

School News

Read the new Riverdale High School Roundup for news and features from students. The online publication is also looking for writers and photographers to add content. Email if interested. Here's the link:

Need Research? The library's the place to go

bitmoji research links

And if questions arise, or help is needed, Mr. Nemeth, who has more than 30 years as a news reporter, should be able to lend assistance.

New Books: See what's Available

New books at RHS Library

Every month, the RHS Library gets a box of new books delivered from the Junior Library Guild that belong to the organization's Gold Standard collection. Click on the slide to see some of the more recent titles.

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See the latest new books, information on the RHS Book Club, events at the library and other information. Follow us at @rhs.library93656.

Students Read Program: High schoolers read for younger students

Dragons Love Tacos - Natalie Romero.webm
Natalie Romero reads "Dragons Love Tacos"
Green Eggs - Nadine Tafolla.webm
Nadine Tafolla reads "Green Eggs and Ham"
Heaven is Having You - Cade Griggs.webm
Cade Griggs reads "Heaven Is Having You"
Kick the Football Charlie Brown - Steven Navas.mp4
Steven Navas reads "Kick the Football Charlie Brown"
Oh the Places Youll Go - Fernando Lopez.webm
Fernando Lopez reads "Oh the Places You'll Go"
Wonderful Things - Haylie Caetano.webm
Haylie Caetano reads "Wonderful Things"